I’m a Portrait / Editorial Photographer & Web Designer based in Squamish, BC.

Born in Lyon (France), I lived in Madrid (Spain) for 13 years where I developed my career in theatre and the film industry. I graduated in acting, film/theatre production & as drama teacher. Passionate about visual narratives, I also studied at this time graphic design while exploring photography.

Few yars back I visited Vancouver and was so impacted by the diversity of British Columbia that I began to focus on my passion for photography. I have taken my knowledge & experience from the performing arts and applied it to photography. Like theatre, photography captures the present moment and invites us back to take a sensitive look at the world. A medium that also allows me to draw new languages while trying to make visible the invisible.

Available to travel for assignments. I also work regularly in France & Spain, don’t hesitate to contact me to know about my next traveling dates.

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Squamish Adventure Center. Collective Exhibition. Squamish (Canada). October 7th - November 6th 2019

Squamish Art Walk. Collective Exhibition. Squamish (Canada). September 3rd - 28th 2019

Street photography 2019. Collective Exhibition. With Blank Wall Gallery. Athens (Greece). 2019

Exposure. Collective exhibition. Squamish Women’s Art show. Foyer Gallery. Squamish, Canada. 2019

Part of the Top 17 Squamish Adventure Photos of the year 2017 (Canada). 2018

Multicultural Festival photocontest. Third place. Squamish (Canada). 2018

The Joinery & Squamish Adventure - Photocontest Winner. Squamish (Canada). 2017


Manuel García: Puro Rock Nacional (Argentina), Revès (Mexico), Cordudec (Chile), Parlante (Chile), Teatro Nescafé de Las Artes (Chile)

No Limits - Merry Tungka: Elléments Magazine (USA).

Annabelle Hardie: F Magazine, The Courier Mail (Australia)

Anaut: Andalucía al dia (Spain)

Les 3 Tess: Le Progrès, Le journal de Soâne et Loire, Colline Nord Dauphiné, Pour sortir - Saône et Loire. Cover. March 2018, Le Progrès - La Pacaudière, Chalon Dans La Rue (France)

Carlos Soto: Festival Cartagena Folk. 'Castijazz', Carlos Soto. June 2018: Ayuntamiento Cartagena, Murcia.com, Cadena Ser, Cartagena Diario, Cartagena de Hoy (Spain)

Lara López: El viajero El País. January 2018 Issue, El coloquio de los perros (Spain)

Marina Devigne: Au fil des couleurs, Catalogue E.Leclerc (France)

Laughing Crow Organics: Traced Elements, The Wellness Almanac (Canada)

Aliona Gloukhova Editions Verticales (France)